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2023 The Challenges of Interpreting and Teaching “the Second Culture” in Local Contexts | Call for Papers

Purpose: Handling a foreign language resides in the mastery of social values which the words can take charge of, but also in the selection of forms of an appropriate syntactic and discursive organization. The messages are constructed with respect to the potentialities of language, but frozen sequences to varying degrees, more or less ritualized speech […]

Introducing Taiwanese Culture in Nine Languages

Introducing Taiwanese Culture in Nine Languages: The College of Foreign Languages & Literature New Publications for Cultural Exchange This September, the College of Foreign Languages and Literature will team up with the publisher Orchid House to release a set of nine books called Sharing Taiwanese Culture in Foreign Languages. Each book is written in one […]

English Corpora

English Corpora(link: https://www.english-corpora.org/corpora.asp) English Corpora are considered the most widely-used corpora currently available. The corpora were created and compiled by Mark Davies, Professor of Linguistics at Brigham Young University. The corpora contain 16 corpora with billions of words of data in American English and British English collected from various genres. The three corpus included in […]