Warning on COVID-19 (coronavirus) at NCCU

Dear students,

We would like to update you about the latest policy issued by the Taiwanese health authority. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has become increasingly severe in mainland China, Hong Kong or Macao (classified as areas of level 2 or higher). Starting from February 10th, foreign nationals with a valid ARC who have entered, resided in or transited through the above-mentioned areas over the past 14 days will be home quarantined for 14 days upon arrival in Taiwan. For details, please visit the BOCA website: https://www.boca.gov.tw/cp-220-5118-dc513-2.html

We strongly suggest you avoid transiting through any mainland Chinese city, Hong Kong or Macao for your returning trip. If you are unfortunately too late to reschedule the flight, you shall not take any public transportation from the airport to the Taipei residence. You are also subject to the 14-day home quarantine. If this applies to you, please email your department/program/college by 12 pm, Feb. 14 (Taiwan time).

It is noted that the aforementioned measures are subject to change based on the development of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

If you need further information about the novel coronavirus, please call 1922 hotline.

For questions about visa and border control regulations, call any of the following number (callers from abroad should add 886 to the number and not include 0 in front of 2; i.e., +886-2 XXXX-XXXX):

(02) 2343-2921, (02) 2343-2895, (02) 2343-2850, (02) 2343-2876, and (02) 2343-2900.

We wish you a safe and pleasant trip back to school.