Finding out the Poland, with the Memory of Independence 100 Years Ago-POLISH WEEK

Finding out the Poland, with the Memory of Independence 100 Years Ago-POLISH WEEK

Organized by Department of Diplomacy and Polish Office

Year of 2018 marks 100th anniversary of regaining independence by Poland after disappearing from the political map for 123 years. To celebrate this occasion Department of Diplomacy and Polish Office in Taipei are organizing series of lectures during the week from the 5th till the 9th of November. Topics are going to cover many aspects of Poland, staring from its history to politics, literature, music, religion and to tourist potential.

Poland is located in Central Europe, nowadays being a transition country between West and East and in the past it has been surrounded by big empires which affected its history marked with conflicts and fight for independence. After the Second World War Poland has been controlled by the Soviet Union until early 1990’s and after that transited to a democratic society. We can know the history and culture from books, but do we really know how Poland looks like nowadays?

We are happy to invite the Representative of the Polish Office in Taipei to give a lecture about Polish foreign policy after 1918 and to explain how Poland changed during the last 100 years after it regained independence. Next lectures will provide an insight to the Polish classical music, literature (and how translator should be both good diplomat and a skillful marketer), religion (and the role it played in forming of the national identity of the Poles) and its beautiful landscapes and monuments. Lecture about music is going to be accompanied by the piano performance of the musician Zoe Hwang. Let’s get immersed in the Polish history and culture during the Polish Week!

Additionally, starting from the 31st of October European Children’s Right: Polish Heritage poster exhibition will be displayed in the main library (1F). The exhibition is going to introduce Janusz Korczak – Polish-Jewish doctor, educator, children books’ author and pedagogue, and the role he played in the fight for children’s rights.

Title: The Role of the Catholic Church in Poland after 1918
Speaker: Father Wojciech Rybka
Date: NOV.6 TUE. 15:10-16:30
Location: Room 810,  8F, General Building North Wing

Title: 《波蘭舞曲的邀請─古典樂的饗宴》 (conducted in Chinese)
Speaker: Pianist Zoe Hwang
Date: NOV.7 WED. 10:20-12:00
Location: Yun-Xiu Hall (2F, Feng You Buiding)

Title: 《文學是什麼,能吃嗎?──那些文學翻譯教我的行銷術和文化外交技巧》  (conducted in Chinese)
Speaker: Translator of the Polish Literature-林蔚昀
Date: NOV.8 THU. 14:00-15:30
Location: Room 218, 2F, Dao Fan Building

Title: 《跟著蜜拉士愷遊波蘭,一生必訪的奇幻國度》 (conducted in Chinese)
Speaker: 蜜拉(Emilia Borza-Yeh) and 士愷
Date: NOV.9 FRI. 14:30-16:00
Location: Room 103, 1F, General Building North Wing